Santayana Design Inc.

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Glen Santayana has been based in South Florida since 1984. In 1978, Glen received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Architecture at Far Eastern University, Manila Philippines and is a registered architect in the Philippines. Since then he has had various experiences as a designer/ renderer with multiple design firms. In the USA, he has worked with illustrators, property developers and other design professionals as a senior designer. Santayana Design, Inc (SDI) was formally established in 1997.

Santayana Design, Inc. offers visual and design solutions for unique requirements. We specialize in realistic market-targeted renderings with distinct perspective styles. Speed is the hallmark of our creations - whether in quick on the spot freehand 3D sketches or any other finished deliverable mediums.

How I work

I believe that freestyle renderings capture ideas fast. When the developer or the homeowner describes how he wants his project to look I jot down key phrases and make quick squibbles on paper. We can then look at the sketch and make adjustments right there and then. It's great when the team gets into the design zone and ideas flow freely.

This is a quick pencil rendering of an interior drawn under an hour.

Call Me

If you are thinking of your dreamhouse or designing a new wing of your home, drop me a line. I'll be glad to dream with you.

(954) 757 6044